Harpoon vs Flying Gaff

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

The two primary ways of securing big fish at the boat includes a harpoon and a flying gaff.  They are both very different in structure and use.

A flying gaff is made as to detach itself when hitting a fish big enough.  The hook detaches and a rope is usually secured to the boat or to a poly ball.  Which one you use, usually depends on the captain and size of fish at hand.

A harpoon uses a dart and it struck into the fish.  The dart will lodge itself and have a cable with rope attached.

Some user reviews:

– NO, the dart is very effective to control a fish of any size (47″) or above. The flyer is in the event we have to control the back portion of the fish to get it in the boat. Flyers are great but if one pulls loose or our of the fish it