Goggle Eye Bait Fish

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A goggle eye is the choice bait for tournament anglers and captains fishing sailfish, kingfish, and other pelagic species tournaments.


You can expect a goggle eye to swim and last a long time out on the kite, flat line, and even deep lines.


If you decide to purchase these baitfish you are going to have to pay a hefty price, as the bait fisherman know what they are worth to you.


However, with a little research and practice you can figure out how to catch them yourself and where the most productive areas along with times are.


Usually goggle eyes are caught a few hours before sunrise, but many pro bait fishermen catch them all night long and even during the day.  Sabiki rigs are the rigs of choice.


A cast net is usually useless unless you find these baitfish in unusually shallow water; however the chances are very slim.


We also recommend those that are targeting sailfish to get at least a dozen of these fish, as they can go fast to kingfish and other species before the sailfish comes along.  We also recommend to mix up your baitwell with other baitfish such as pilchards and herrings.