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Recent Glastron Boats Reviews

  • Glastron - SX 175: Great Boat
    We bought our boat at the Cleveland 2002 boat show and upgraded at the time to the 4.3L Volvo. The boat has 100's of hours on it and is going strong. We did replace the fabric on the rear seat cushions and added a tower. We have taught many down to the age of 3 behind this boat. We love it and plan on keeping it.
    Reviewed by Randy on Oct-19-2010 | Rating:
    Glastron - SX 175: Great Runabout
    We bought our SX 175 VEC with the 4.3L Volvo from a boat show in 2002. Our kids have grown up on the boat, knee boarding, tubing and wake boarding and still love it today. We have kept the boat in coverd shelter and on a lift for nearly eight years now. We get compliments on how nice the boat still looks after nearly eight years. We have never had any outdrive or engine issues with this boat. I would recommend this boat to anyone who is interested in a starter boat. I am a true believer in Glastron and their products providing you do your due diligence and care for it properly.
    Reviewed by Dino on Dec-14-2009 | Rating:
    Glastron - SX 175: Great Boat
    I bought used last spring the 2003 SX175 w/4.3L Mercruiser. I have used the boat all summer at least 1 to 2 times per week. Mostly I use it for wakeboarding. Mine came with bimini and wakeboarding tower. I have no problems putting 4 to 5 people in the boat while pulling a fat skier. It gets on plane fast and has a very smooth ride. Engine noise isn't bad either. It tops out around 45 mph. Trailer is sturdy and easy to launch and recover. When the time comes I will look at getting another glastron.
    Reviewed by Brian on Sep-23-2009 | Rating:
    Glastron - SX 175: Nice, Well designed boat
    The SX-175 is a nice, well designed, solid boat. I've had bigger boats, faster boats but this one is very compitent at everything it does. Mine has the Volvo 3.0L. It's not going to pull stumps but it'll pull 200+# out on one ski. It tops off in the high 40mph range and is quite quiet. Reasonably light and easy to trailer around. A lot less wrestling at the boatramp, compared to some previous boats.
    Reviewed by Bill on Jan-11-2008 | Rating:
    Glastron - CSX 23: CSX-23 owners
    Looking for other CSX-23 owners. My email is d_ginther@hotmail.com
    Reviewed by DGinther on Sep-24-2007 | Rating: