- CC/220

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  • Glacier Bay - CC/220: Be Careful
    My boat has been nothing but problems! The gel coat has bubles, the hardware is loose, electronics installed poorly, etc. The boat does ride better than any mono hull, but there has to be a better manufacturer out there.. I have heard that there is a company in louisiana making a great cat boat.
    Reviewed by Johnny on Jun-26-2009 | Rating:
    Glacier Bay - CC/220: Cat 4 Life
    Great boat. I ran one for 10 years and just upgraded to their 26. It had a smooth ride and took seas that boats 5 foot longer could not take. Efficiency was good. Never feared going 60 miles out in my 22.
    Reviewed by Greg Mc on Nov-28-2007 | Rating:
    Glacier Bay - CC/220: Great Boat
    Great little boat.. cuts the water nice.
    Reviewed by John Chron on Feb-28-2006 | Rating: