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  • Gheenoe - Low Tide 25: Ultimate Poor Mans Flats Boat
    Why get a flats boat if you can't get on the flats? I just don't get it. No one boat is perfect, but for under 5k new you can get a gheenoe, engine, and trailer. You can then get to those redfish in 5 inches of water that the big flats boats are wishing they were fishin. With that said, I would rather have me a maverick tunnel hull, but at a huge multiple of this price it is respective. I recommend you ride one of these before doubting them...
    Reviewed by Scott Rhine on Mar-26-2010 | Rating:
    - : LTZ ... FTW!
    The gheenoe is all you need if you are serious about shallow water fishing. I fish the flats of mosquito lagoon, florida bay, keys, etc and this boat does it all with one other guy in the boat. Mine has a side console that i like over the tiller arm.
    Reviewed by Dennis Hop on Aug-31-2009 | Rating:
    - : Fishes The Same Flats As 40k Flats Boats!
    I use this boat all over southwest florida to get me on the flats. I paid just over 4,000 brand new with all the features I want including a tiller arm 15hp yamaha engine. I can pole in water shallower than some of the top brand flats boat such as hells bay or maverick. However I do need to add a jack plate so that I can run shallower. I'd say right now that I can run in about 9 inches of water to be safe. I usually pole my way back to the channel before running, so that no damage is done to the ecosystem.
    Reviewed by Justin Detman on Aug-05-2009 | Rating:
    - : Poor Mans Flats Boat
    I bought this boat for my son as he loves sightfish and freshwater fishing. This boat will float in 6 inches of water with 2 average size guys and a full boat no problem. We pole it around areas like Flamingo and Biscayne bay flats. It is so light that you can really get some steam if you are chasing reds or bones on the flats. I recommend you keep this boat very light and don't add to many options. A tiller arm outboard is all you need.
    Reviewed by John Fenn on Aug-05-2009 | Rating: