- 195 Sundowner
- 200 Horizon
- 205 Sundowner
- 220 Horizon
- 225 Sundowner
- 238 Vista
- 240 Horizon
- 245 Sundowner
- 258 Vista
- 278 Vista
- BR/170 Horizon
- BR/180 Horizon
- BR/190 Horizon
- BR/200 Horizon
- BR/220 Horizon
- BR/240 Horizon
- Candia FS
- CU/205 Sundowner
- DB/214 Candia FS
- DB/234 Candia FS
- EC/238 Vista
- EC/248 Vista
- EC/258 Vista
- Horizon QX
- Horizon QX Fish & Ski
- Horizon RS
- Horizon RX
- Horizon RX Fish & Ski

Recent Four Winns Boats Reviews

  • Four Winns - Horizon QX: Update on 1997 QX
    As soon as the water pump was replaced, the starter failed. As soon as the starter was fixed, the next trip out it began dying at idle, and oil was found in the engine compartment. I suspect a leaking head gasket. If I could give NO stars, i would. This is the worst boat in the history of boats.
    Reviewed by MC on Jun-17-2013 | Rating:
    Four Winns - Horizon QX: 1997 QX total garbage
    1997 Qx with all of 230 hours. In that time, it has, despite regular service: blown impeller, failed fuel pump, failed trailer bearings, and most recently failed water pump hose which resulted in overwhelming the bilge pump and nearly sinking the boat. Oh, and bumper trim has fallen off and snap on cover has disintegrated. Total garbage.
    Reviewed by MC on Jul-27-2012 | Rating:
    Four Winns - Horizon QX: Throdle
    The throttle control on my my 3 Fourwinns have been just terrible. All have had problems. My first boat 200 Horizon when delivered from the dealer and was taking off the trailers for the first time went forwards when put into reverese. We keep buying FourWinns for the interior layout, placement of the built in cooler and space. Make sure you work with a very good dealer who CAN and WILL fix the throdle problem, otheriwise find another boat.
    Reviewed by Doug Dwyer on May-31-2010 | Rating:
    Four Winns - 200 Horizon: Nice Boat but we have a problem
    we love the boat but we just wish that the motor did not go sour (blow up)
    Reviewed by Steve on Sep-21-2008 | Rating:
    Four Winns - Horizon QX Fish & Ski: amazing boat
    Just bought this boat and very happy she runs great
    Reviewed by victor on Jun-26-2007 | Rating: