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    Default Spreader lights vs. underwater lights vs. no lights

    What seems to work best-- Spreader lights or underwater lights or no lights at all? ANy suggestions? We are new to this game. Thanks. Capt Bob

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    no spreaders being they run down the batteries fast. I'm not a fan of the underwater lights myself. Get a Swordlight... hang it over the side off the boat (let it sink down a few feet) and plug it into an outlet of clip it to a 12volt battery
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    i prefer the hydoglow, as you can leave it on out of the water and it does not burn out like the swordlight. i have a loop of 1/4 inch line on each end that i hang from a cleat when hooked up so it hangs horizontally out of the water and still gives me some light to see the fish at boat side.
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    It definetly is not necessary to catch fish, but you get to see cool chit in the lights.

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