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    Default DEEP DROP RIGS - a bit obsessed but its what we use

    We have spent countless (humble) hours Deep Dropping. This is what we make for ourselves so I try to sell affordably for others.


    - 400lb mono main line (I have some of the 600lb Stainless Steel Cable Vinyl CLEAR COATED leftover if you like)
    NOTE: Photo shows cable

    - 300lb mono branches. There is about 16 inches to each branch – intentionally longer and we space to

    - Heavy duty barrel and snap swivels and 1/0 sleeve swivels to match line.

    - Mustad 39960 DT Circles

    - Standard is 13/0 what we use. - I have plenty of 12/0. Happy to make with 12/0 if you like.

    - No beads. With all due respect to beads, they have made zero difference for us. Doesn't need anymore bling to catch fish IMHO.

    - 3 Hooks. We are not long line fisherman. Id rather spread out 3 - more effective IMHO

    - Aluminum double oval 2.0mm x 18mm connection of hook
    (Prevents the glow sleeve from moving)

    - Copper double Barrel 2.0mm x 14mm branch mono to sleeve swivel

    - Copper double Barrel 2.2mm x 14mm snaps and barrel swivels to coated cable

    - 3 inch glow sleeves (I DONT COVER THE EYE OF THE HOOK. I like some movement)

    - Approx 30 inches between sleeve swivels
    (the length is nice also when fishing for barrels as we fish the column off the bottom too)

    - Rig is approx. 9ft - 20 inches on bottom but 30 going up. Want light a little away from last rig.

    - Bench crimped and I make every rig myself.

    $40 for THREE RIGS shipped FREE to lower 48

    $10 for each additional rig

    PayPal only. Please pm if interested

    Son in below photos.

    .................................................. ....................
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