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    Broadbill How to catch a mediterranean swordy

    Hello Mates!
    I am new here, but as I visited the Introduction area with not a single post this year, I thought I might introduce me here.

    My name is Dario and I am from Germany. I am fishing in the mediterranean sea, in the north east of Spain (Empuriabrava,Cap de Creus).

    I am dreaming of a swordie, as you all did for sure ( and still do ) A really interesting species, and i guess the hardest to catch! I've been searching for information about swordfishing, but there is only little to find about mediteranean swordfishing. Only a few people do it, and they mostly do not tell how. A lot more americans do it, and as I am not a competitor for your swordfish, I hope I can get some input here.

    I will be back to Spain in 2 months and then I wanted to give swordfishing a try. I have never done this before. I want to try it trolling at nighttime. Okay another thing I am newbie to, I went offshore fishing for tuna a lot but never went nighttime. Definetely a lot more dangerous, so I have to have good weather conditions to give it a try. But I think there will be a day to try it!

    We got a really nice tuna population there, and we got a lot of structure! If someone wants to have a look, I am fishing in Empuriabrava, at the Cap de Creus . I did a screen of the area I plan to fish in from the navionics web chart.
    We got some deep sea canyons, the closest one is the Cabo Creus Canyon (Rec de Llanca) and I am quite sure there will be some swordfish. I have seen Swordfish twice jumping daytime last year and the year before, close to the coast in only 80ms of depth and less then a km from Shore. So there are Swordfish, but I dont know anyone going for them in my area. Only thing I heard was from professional sardine fishermen who were showing me a photo of a nice 80kgs Swordfish they caught last year.

    My plan was to go fishing with livebait mackerels on my tuna setups, getting one on the Downrigger down and one on the surface. Then I thought the hotspots should be the edge of the canyon, where the bottom goes up a few hundred meters.

    Is anyone here doing nighttime trolling with livebaits? How deep shall I put my bait? Thought about 20-30m down should be fine, or if I see bait or thermic change I put it there. Should I put a light? Where do you guys think I should try it?

    If the weather offers a day out there, I definetely want to test it! Sure, that I will post something about it here. (Ok, I am not expecting a fish the first times, but you gotta do it!)

    I will be there around new moon.


    Okay not sure why the photo isnt showing up. You can have a look here:
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    Hmm nobody doing something similar in US?

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