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    Default Searching for fishfinder.

    I would like to hear comments on fishfinders you're using, I do charters for jigging and popping, but I like deep dropping and also star trying to get a sword.
    Currently I have a garmin with 600w transducer.
    I been looking to upgrade to furuno fcv 588 with 1kw trough hull transducer.
    But also I been reading about chirp. As is an expensive investment I want to make sure I make the best decision.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I've been deep dropping a couple years now (SE Florida)
    I have a Garmin 7610 xsv for a chartplotter/sonar. Really like the unit. It uses CHIRP technology.
    For the transducer, I 'had' a unit that was best suited for depths to 350-400 feet. It was an Airmar B75H, which works in the higher frequency range. It did great in the shallower depths, but beyond 400-500 feet was marginal.

    Recently, I upgraded to an Airmar B-175M (1 kw). What a difference. It reads bottom nicely to 1000 feet. Very happy with the change and wish I had gone that route in the beginning. Just didn't know...

    I talked with a sonar Guru on THT to try and figure out the best transducer for my needs. I want a unit that will see bottom down to 2000 feet. He said I'd need a 2 or 3 kw transducer for that. When I asked him about seeing fish at that depth, he said this. 'Imagine yourself sitting in the nosebleed section of a football stadium and trying to see a peanut on the 50 yard line' - or words to that effect. In other words, at 1500 to 200 feet the chances of seeing a swordfish is slim without a high powered unit... So, I settled for the new B-175M and called it a day. Then....

    Recently, I saw a video on the new furuno Chirp unit you mentioned. It's phenomenal ! There are also some serious deep droppers in our area that use the Humminbird Helix? Anyway, they claim to be able to actually see and target swords on the bottom in 1800'... Impressive! In time, these things will get better refined as well as cheaper to own.

    Good luck on your search. If you want the name of that guru, he's all over THT and uses the name Semperfifishing.
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