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    Default Call to action, protect Florida from longlining

    CALL TO ACTION - DO NOT Allow Pelagic Longline Vessels into FL's Closed Zone
    Your help is needed to make clear to the NMFS that the recreational fishing community strongly opposes the agency considering allowing longline boats back in the Florida’s east coast closed zone!! Not much time remains for comments. TBF’s letter to the agency is posted on our website along with a draft letter you may want to draw from or use to express your comments. Then email them to There is no reason to doubt a similar proposal may follow for entering closures in the Gulf of Mexico and further up the east coast. Join TBF and help us fight this direct threat. Read more here.

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    Email Sent to Margo ... here's what I sent in case anyone wants to copy a portion .... The original text was modified from the letter (so they get credit for the bulk of it).

    Dear Margo,
    As a South Florida angler for the last 40 years, who enjoys swordishinf off the east coast of Florida in the closed zone, I have personally witnessed significant improved fishing in those waters, especially swordfish, over the last 15 years. More fish in the waters means more fishing opportunities for individuals and more charter boat business. Tourists come each year to catch swordfish in those waters and that also benefits businesses.

    Authorizing the EFP lets the fox in the hen house to count the chickens it eats; wiping out the resource. The closed zone’s effectiveness is clear with recovered swordfish stocks, very high catches of sailfish, increased yellowfin catches, increased sightings of bluefin tuna and increased interaction with inshore species. I cannot see a credible basis for considering what is being proposed as a research project in the closed zone, especially in light of the applicants’ own testimony on CNN of the negatives of using pelagic longline gear. This seems to be very similar in nature to the Japanese Whale hunts that are shrouded in the name of science, but really amount to nothing more than a path to commercial harvesting a protected species. Please represent the interests of South Florida, and local fisherman, and reject the proposed application.

    Very Truly Yours,

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