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    Caught two of these this summer in about 600ft off North Bimini. Weighed 10-15 pounds each. Distinguishing features included a hard ridge by the tail (which makes me believe its in the jack family) and very pronounced thick lips. Fought all the way up and showed no sign of decompression issues. We threw them back as we didn't know what they were. Any ideas?


    mystery fish.JPG

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    looks similar to barrel fish but i do not believe it is

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    I wish it was a barrel fish but unfortunately it was not one of those or it would have come home with us.

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    Tricky. I haven't seen that one before now. Definitely not a Barrelfish. (I know those very well.) My next, off-the-cuff guess would be a Black Jack (Caranx lugubris), but the body, fins, and tail are much different. I thought I had figured it out when I found Cottonmouth Jack (Uraspis secunda), but they don't grow larger than about 5 lbs, and are rarely found deeper than 50 ft. Yellowfin Jack (Hemicaranx leucurus) also had the right fins and similar body shape, but is not more than a foot long, and is found on the Pacific side of Central America. Whitemouth Jack (Uraspis uraspis)is close, but found in the Indo-West Pacific.

    So, this one has me stumped. Good chance it's in the jack family, but it could be something else.
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    Got me stumped too. I caught a Black Jack off of Bimini and it definitely didn't look like that. If Uncle Buck is stumped than you may have to ask Waldener on another site.

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    The best I've got is that it could be a bluntnose jack, but those are supposed to be coastal, and only reach 18". The rest of the ID seems about right though.

    Bill, it definitely can't be a cottonmouth, as you said. One main reason is the length of the pectoral fin. Cottonmouth jacks have short pec fins that don't reach the end of the lateral line arch. Also the scutes on the lateral line point FORWARD on a cottonmouth jack. We can't really see that in the picture, but it would probably be noticeable to the angler when he caught it.

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    May be a Pomfret
    Sea ya,


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