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    Hello all,

    My name is Nate and I am new here so I figured I would post a little introduction. I live in central Florida and fish as often as I can all over the state between family and work responsibilities. I have been really interested in deep dropping for a number of years but never got around to it and my most recent interest in swordfish fishing has really made me want to make this year the year I get out there and see what I can dig up. I'll be keeping the boat in Stuart starting around the first of the year so that will be my primary area of focus but I still have a long way to go in terms of acquiring the proper gear so it'll be a little bit before I can drop line. In the meantime I'll be exploring the offshore areas of Stuart as I have never really fished there. At any rate, I've read around this forum for awhile and it seems that you guys have a great and helpful community here so I hope to be able to contribute in the near future.


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    Best of luck. In my opinion, some of the best fishing in Florida is right outside the St. Lucie Inlet.

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    Thanks! Yeah, I have spent quite a bit of time over the years fishing south of there to the keys and north of there to around Ponce inlet but never made it to Stuart. Looking over the charts there seems to be an endless supply of artificial structures to check out as well as some really nice looking natural areas. I think my first target will be the Sirotkin area and then head out to Push Button Hill and see what's up there.


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