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    Default The real story of Christmas.. the real one..

    first off I hope everyone had a great holiday and their belly is full and their girls bought them new line, hooks, reels and warm socks!
    I started out this holiday kinda pissed off it seemed like everything in this world came crashing down real quick.. i had a guy posting pics of my engine on craigs list before he ever bought the boat, I had some very bad news on my sister she was diagnosed with some real bad cancer.. , our friend got ran down and killed by a freaking drunk driver.. (and left on the road to die.. still trying to get a grip on this..).. , I had twisted my drive shaft out of my truck pulling another old Bertram out of a field.. people had been rushing me to do things for them and at no recognition to the cost it brings to me just to get their way. I was also told I would now have to park in the street to work for a family that I have known for years.. so I had the treat you like a dog syndrome going through my head, I knew I have to help my sister fight, I knew I had to not rip someones head off at the front gate because of their snaky b.s. boat deal that they were trying to pull, and I had to travel well over 2,000 miles..
    well at Christmas night dinner I told the real story of Christmas..
    The real one where even in the old days the Egyptians, Romans and almost every other nation would send letters, statues, food, spices and good will towards family and friends.. the Yule log was 'Guele' back then and it was a feast on the longest, coldest days of winter and people would gather together to fight back the cold and evil spirits that the winter would bring.
    The actual day that Christ was born was really never documented but the day brings joy and happiness and you know it is here.
    My Christmas was made when I stepped out of a rental car and my girl wrapped her arms around me.. she was hiding behind the boat waiting..
    Happy Holidays guys have a great new year also. Share your food, smiles and be thankful ..

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    Amen brother!!!
    Amagansett means “place of good water” in one American Indian tongue, and for generations of Lesters who have lived here, it’s been true in the most literal way.

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