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    Default digital fish finder Furuno 585 ?

    Thinking of replaceing my 600w garmin F/F with a furuno 585 and 1K thru hull transducer. Will I be able to see swords on the bottom at 1500' ? and can I see the thermocline while running? What transducer do you think is the best, Airmar B164? Would like realtime experience. Thanks for all the information that is posted on this forum. Bob

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    Yes! u will great machine bro!
    Air Mar ducer is a good choice 50 KH 1K bad to the bone. The boat I fish has that machine i like it alot.

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    Talking Great choice

    I fish that same set up on a 29' sea vee, on nice days i can read bottom over 2000', I use it for deep dropping in the Bahamas all the time. while trolling I mark fish in 700 - 1500 feet, on the bottom. I mark the spot, drop down and catch queens, snowy's, yelloweyes and silkys. I can't say anything bad about it. over 1800feet it will mark bottom but not fish.

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