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    Default 2002 triton 2300

    Pictured is a 2002 triton 2300. It is powered with twin 2002 225 yamahas. Boat has around 500 hour and is super clean. Also included is a performance trailer not pictured. I have looked at asking prices on all the boating places like boat trader, yacht world and i am pricing mine to sell.

    The boat is rated for four hundred horse power and currently is 50 hp over the limit. The weight is not a factor as they weigh the same as the yamaha 200's.

    The boat will do 65 mph, but at that spped, you better have some darn good boating skills. The boat originally had just one 225 and it was repowered adding one 225, insteadd of going through the expense of buying 2 new 200's.

    Prce is $27,000.00 which is very fair. My friend is a broker and he can look up what they sell for. None have sold this low. Check for your self.

    Kevin 954-554-4147
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