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    Default cold front fishing

    Well we all have been talking about the weather, but I have a question the last two times I have been able to fish it happen to be the day a cold front was coming two sat. ago and this last fri afternoon. I just read fri the barometer dropped like a bomb. we caught a couple blue runners of the beach tried a few drifts , but had no bites at all.

    is the key to watch the barometer ?

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    I don't know about the effects of cold fronts and barometer pressure on beach fishing but I can assure you that it definitelya ffects fishing for Longnose Catfish (sails).

    Since Florida's cold fronts are invariably coming from the northwest, north or northeast, these winds create standing waves that the sails love to surf down and use to ball up baitfish for a SuperSmorg.

    Cold fronts also help push Turds (cobias) south. It seems the more cold fronts, the further south the Turds go. Early 2006 was one of the better cobia runs off Stuart and we had a lot of cold fronts at the time.

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