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  1. 1/9/18 Good day in the islamorada, florida backcountry post cold front!

    Well had the day off and my mom was nice enough to stay over and watch little guy today so I could take my wife Elizabeth fishing! Absolutely glass calm all day and overcast so the temperature was...
  2. December Fishing in Islamorada FL snook/reds/tarpon/drum

    Well a few days ago we got hit hard by a good cold front and the temperatures plummeted down into the 50s here in Islamorada, FL. We also had another reinforcing front back that one up, so things...
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    October Fishing in Islamorda Post IRMA

    October is nearing it's end here and we've already had our first legit cold front of the winter! It's very early for it to be getting as cold as it did, but the weather has been crazy the last few...
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    Winter time fishing in Islamorada

    Winter time is still upon us in the Keys and fishing has been decent. Lately it's been a mixed bag on all of our winter time actvities as far as fishing goes. Shrimp is the bait of choice with...
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    Early February Islamorada Fishing Report 2015

    We've been having a bit more cool weather in the later winter here in Islamorada, after a warmspell for several weeks around christmas and early january. This has led to much more of the traditional...
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    Good early january tarpon fishing in Islamorada

    We've had an unusual warm streak from a little before christmas to just last night actually. With the previous 80 degree weather a lot of our early usual 'spring time' fishing targets showed up...
  7. January Islamorada Fishing Report Backcountry 1/29/31

    Well the wind was howling today on 1/29/13 inshore fishing islamorada. The southeasterly winds were warm though and not too bad riding into the backcountry anyways. We decided to run around the...
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    November backcountry fishing florida keys

    The last few days of November we had here look to be fairly windy, so I was glad to get out and enjoy some fun fishing for myself on 11/28/12. We hit a couple gulf spots early in the day on the last...
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    Islamorada Florida Keys Fishing in October

    We've had a lot of wind the last couple days and it's expected to continue through the weekend from 10/12/12. Yesterday it was a hard northwest wind of 20 mph and we made our way back to islamorada...
  10. Big swordfish caught this week out of Bud n' Mary's, Islamorada FL!

    Well everything seemed to settle down after the minimal tropical storm we encountered last week. The weather has been been very good, with moderate to light winds in the 5 to 12 knot range for the...
  11. February fishing in the Florida Keys - Big tarpon here now!

    Fishing this month in Islamorada, Florida Keys has been fantastic. The mild winter has kept our waters very warm and as far as the fish are concerned, spring is here. Tarpon have started to show up...
  12. 11/3/11 Florida Keys Report.. spanish macks, 400 lb goliath grouper!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished two half days today on 11/3/11. This morning had Keith Krunk down with a group also fishing Capt. Jack Backus and Capt. Ed Cale. We fished out west trying for spanish...
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    October Backcountry Florida Keys Fishing Report

    Islamorada fishing has been pretty good this October with ideal conditions for several different species! A few of the days we've had some rain and overcast skies which has been great for...
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    Yes, fed a bunch of happy people :)

    Yes, fed a bunch of happy people :)
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    Beat me to it... lol, here's report with pics! ...

    Beat me to it... lol, here's report with pics!

    We had John and Pam aboard the BNM out of Bud n' Mary's Marina in Islamorada, Florida for a Florida Keys Fishing Trip on 9-24-11. Pam insisted they...
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    Sep. 1 & 2 daytime sword report - big 248 lber!

    We've caught swordfish on our last 3 trips on the BNM. The Catch 22 also had a great day with 2 broadbills and a mako yesterday. On the BNM we had Luke from Australia out for some daytime...
  17. 8/24/11 Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Report - big sawfish!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk has still been picking up a handful of half day trips short notice and getting some good action in on his islamorada backcountry fishing trips! We headed out this A.M. in search...
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    7/28/11 Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Report

    It's not all about lobster mini season this week here while Florida keys fishing! Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished a full day in the backcountry today on 7/28/11 and had a wonderful time. The wind was...
  19. 450 lb Daytime Swordfish caught in Islamorada, FL "BnM Charters"

    For my brother, Capt. Nick Stanczyk aboard the "BnM" out of Bud n' Mary's Marina in Islamorada, Florida, it started out just like any summer day. We caught about 20 schoolie size mahi (3 to 5 lbs),...
  20. 4/11/11 BIG 400 lb goliath grouper, several tarpon, plus more in Islamorada!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk had a wonderful day in the islamorada backcountry fishing along with several other guides as well! He fished Roger Barry and his son James from the U.K. Roger fished with his...
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    4/7/11 Big 700 lb tiger shark plus more!!!

    The past few years my friend Jon Patten from England has come over in search of big fish. Last year he caught 3 broadbill swordfish with me and mentioned he had always wanted to catch a big tiger...
  22. 4/3/11 Great islamorada tarpon fishing for Greg Olsen and family!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk had the pleasure of fishing former catcher of the Atlanta Braves, Greg Olsen and family Robbie & Racheal, today on 4/3/11. It was a beautiful day started out fairly calm with a...
  23. 3/24/11 Florida Keys Tarpon plus plenty of other stuff!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished Larry and Sherri Kasperek today for a 3/4 day of florida keys fishing! We headed out back into the everglades around 7:30 am and it was an absolutely gorgeous day - almost...
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    3/17/11 Florida Keys Tarpon and a BIG shark!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished Todd Belinger and his son today for some great florida keys fishing in Islamorada on March 17, 2011! We left out early around 7:15 right before the sun starting rising. ...
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    3/7/11 Florida Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada!

    Capt. Rick Stanczyk fished Jim & Gwen Johnson today on 3/7/11 for a great day fishing in Islamorada! They fished with Rick last winter when it was very cold so thought they'd give it a try in the...
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