Flounder Fish Facts

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Flounder are an excellent fish to bring home for dinner as they provide a great taste and are very healthy.  Catching flounder and fluke are not as easy as it is said, but with a little experience you can put these dinner delights in your cooler.

Flounder are known as the flatfish of the ocean and can be found all over the United States but primarily on the East Coast.  Flounder are also fished for in Europe, Canada, and throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing and cooking
Flounder fishing is best in spring and autumn. Flounder may be caught in summer, but the meat will be soft and unpleasant for eating. Flounder will bite at almost anything used for fish bait, including any kind of tackle. Use a small hook; No. 8 being the recommended size. Flounder are an excellent pan fish, but they should be cooked as soon as possible after being caught

Flounder tramping
The Grande Internationale World Flounder tramping Championships take place at Palnackie, Scotland, usually in the last week of July or first week in August each year. Competitors brave the mud flats of the estuary of the Urr Water in sun or rain to try and catch the heaviest fish, or the largest catch, or even the smallest fish for prize money and a trophy. Fish are caught by walking across the mud and trapping them below the competitors foot. Leisters, which are traditional 3 pronged spears, are no longer permitted to aid capture.

World stocks of large predatory fish and large ground fish such as sole and flounder were estimated in 2003 to be only about 10% of pre-industrial levels, largely due to overfishing.

Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia