Florida Lobster Mini Season

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Florida lobster are a delicious treat that are available to divers within the season.  The most popular season is the 2 day mini season.

The lobster mini-season gives divers a 2 day sneak into the water to grab lobster within the legal limits before the commercial boats go set traps and start their fishing.

South Florida and the Florida Keys are known as hot spots for divers in shallow water.  The natural and artificial reefs are home to these lobsters.

The lobster mini-season can also be very hectic as many boaters are anxious to get out on the water and only do so this time of year.  Their boats may not be maintained and their boating / diving skills may not be up to par.  For this reason it is best to be defensive minded and have safe outing.