Fishing In The Dark and Glow In The Dark Lures and Fishing Line

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

When fishing in the dark, there are many safety precautions that must be taken into account. There are many species of fish that are nocturnal feeders and really bite well in the dark of the night. Swordfish are primarily sought out during the night. Studies show that swordfish come up from the deeper depths to feed on squid and miscellaneous baitfish in the dark of the night.

A good light in the water goes a long way. We recommend the Swordlight. The Swordlight is a compact dual tube light that is used in the water to put off great light. The light attracts baitfish and even swordfish. We have tested most of the lights on the market and found the Swordlight to be the best fish attractor device when used at night for offshore game fishing. Make sure you boat lights are working properly. If your bow light is not functioning correctly you may want to carry a red and green glow stick as backup.

There are also battery operated bow lights available on the market. If you have inexperienced people on your boat, we suggest giving them a glow stick or a strobe light. If they were to fall overboard at night, you would be able to find them much easier if they had the light with them. Get a radio check when you decide to go offshore. With a functioning radio, you can always call for help or help out others if needed. Kingfish, snapper, and various baitfish are also sought out while fishing in the dark. Live bait and other popular methods can be extremely rewarding and offer constant rod bending action. Fishing in the dark is a good way to avoid the hot temperatures and the strong sun of the day.

Tight Lines, Swordfishing Central