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  • Fales - Fales Navigator: Live Aboard
    Lived aboard full time for 2 years with my wife. Motor sailed from Key West to Kingston Canada (lake Ontario) 3 times. Very steady, reliable and secure.Small enough to find refuge in creeks and shallows, if the weather turned. Large amount of storage for long term provisioning. Mostly used the roller furling Genoa and engine. Had 200 ft of chain and a 40lb Bruce, plus 4 other anchors with rode aboard. Does not dance around her anchor. She's been out in all kinds of weather, and the crew were in need of shelter far before she was.
    Reviewed by Tom on May-27-2013 | Rating:
    Fales - Fales Seeker Trawler: Fales Seeker
    Just wanted to confirm that the Fales Seeker is a full displacement design, and with its 50 hp Perkins 4-107, a clean bottom in flat water cruising at 4 to 5 kts, will indeed provide nearly 12 nm/g.
    Reviewed by Capt B. Hicks on Apr-17-2012 | Rating:
    Fales - Fales Navigator: Fales Navigator 32
    Stout motorsailor and able coastal passagemaker; accent on MOTORsailor. Very dry! It does sail; like a brick! However, it motorsails graciously in any condition other than a closehauled at 6+ kts with a gentle assist of the engnine. With a 4-154 Perkins I seldom have to run the engine above 1400 RPM to make 6.8 kts when winds are 10+ and it loves a gale! LOTS of fuel and water capacity! Ample storage w/ room for retrofitting w/ AC or small genset. Very accommodating interior and wonderful aft cockpit for leisure. The factory configuration lacks opening ports in the saloon (has only two 8" round ports and other are fixed windows-deadlights. For tropical and temperate sailing I had to install opening ports. Head is decent size w/standup shower (over toilet). The command bridge is not particularly functional or comfortable from the factory - more like a school bus seat than a yacht. Bench mods can improve this greatly at moderate cost. Pilot house is mostly wasted space UNTIL it gets wet or cold; then worth it. Vis in the pilot house is fair. Shallow draft is nice but the boat does not track as well as one might think with the full keel. In fact considerable patience can be needed to balance helm, sail,and engine to get to go straight w/out consitent helm attention. Factory steering is push pull Teleflex cable and marginal but relible. Recommend upgrade to hydraulic. Maintenance and engine access is fair. Most older boats that have not been refit will have core rot in the pilot house top and around any deck drain locations. Still the fiberblass layup is so heavy that they could have omitted the plywood core without problem. This boat is heavy and gives a feeling of great confidence in a seaway. It's mass allows it to punch through 3-6' seas without much loss of momentum. However, when making passage in quartering or beam sea you MUST use the sail(at least the main) for steadying. This gives an easy predictable roll. Without a steadying sail up-HOLD ON. A real salty tub that gets attention whereever you are.
    Reviewed by Michael Monteith on Jul-13-2011 | Rating:
    Fales - Fales Seeker Trawler: false sneaker
    There isnt any info to be found on this boat other than the vague specs above. 12 NMPG sounded too good to be true anyway. If there is any such vessel, I'd like more info.
    Reviewed by kapnd on Dec-31-2010 | Rating:
    Fales - Fales Seeker Trawler: FALES SEEKER
    Reviewed by BYRON HICKS on Nov-30-2010 | Rating: