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Recent EdgeWater Boats Reviews

  • EdgeWater - 185 CC: Edgewater Boat 18cc
    Pruchased the 18cc boat in 2002 with a Yammy F115hp, that was one of the best boats I ever used and I had many. However we got hit by huricane Ivan. a piece of 2x4x12 went in just above the water line though the deck and out the other side. I repaired it and sold it. now owns a 247CC .But the 18CC will always be my favorite. you can run that in any kind of weather and not get one drip of green water on you.. If you own one do not let go of it..
    Reviewed by Edward Scott on Dec-18-2009 | Rating:
    EdgeWater - 185 CC: Edgewater 185 a keeper
    I've owned a 185 since 1999. I've run this boat from
    Reviewed by Ethan Pond on Sep-24-2008 | Rating: