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    I would not consider any of the boats you ltsied as Sporties Hatteras are amazing but top of the line and VERY expensive. Some other great brands are Ocean, Luhrs, Silverton, Tiara, Buddy Davis, Viking, Cheoy Lee, Bertram, Egg Harbor to name a few. You will be hard pressed to find an inexpensive Sport Fish the good thing is the they don't change too much year to year (with the exception of the electronics) so you can find a used (1980 s) boat that still looks great for under $200K. I would also look at Sedans/Convertibles (the sea ray would be an example of this) they are much cheaper also maybe check out some Trawlers they are less money, sea worthy, and have tons of interior space as well as decent fishing space
    Reviewed by Luciana on Jul-24-2012 | Rating: