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Recent Dusky Boats Reviews

  • Dusky - Dusky 17: Awesome Boat
    Boat has lasted over 20 years and is still in great condition. Can't beat the quality.
    Reviewed by CHIEF on Jun-20-2008 | Rating:
    Dusky - Dusky 233: Best 23 For The price
    I had this boat custom built for a fraction of the price of some of the named boats around here. I am very happy with the build quality and love my dusky 33. I just wish I would of equipped her with twins as Im sure she wants it when I load her up for bahamas runs.
    Reviewed by Tony on Oct-10-2007 | Rating:
    Dusky - Dusky 19: 2007 Dusky 19' CC 140 suzuki
    Very happy with the boat. I have only been out on the water twice with it and love it. It's a dry ride, smooth and roomy boat. First time was a blast, broke it in at the first shipping lanes about 20 miles out and hit a school of dolphins(mahi mahi). Second time was good weather 2 feet or less, on the way back was 2-4 and the boat handled like a champ. Did not feel like i was on a 19 footer. Closed transom and full platform help.
    Reviewed by Fernando on Jun-21-2007 | Rating:
    Dusky - Dusky 256CSS: 25-6 Dusky c/c fishing boat
    I turned my stock Dusky into a real fishin unit a tool made for one thing that's for catching BIG FISH!
    Reviewed by james JR. on Jun-01-2007 | Rating:
    Dusky - Dusky 203: My Childhood Boat
    I had this boat growing up in high school and through college. We put a new 200hp merc on it. We put in a new floor and she was solid. Took her out in the roughest of the rough and she took the seas great. Loved the bracket and enclosed transom for a 20 footer. Makes the boat seem like a 23 footer. I would of liked to have t-top now that I see the newer ones have one.
    Reviewed by Dan Biens on Dec-04-2006 | Rating: