- 170 BR
- 185 BR I/O
- 185 BR O/B
- 190 CC
- 200 BR
- 216 CC (20'1")
- 216 CC (20'1")
- 220 CC
- 230 BR (23')
- 230 BR (23'6")
- 230 CC
- 250 SC
- 270 SC
- 300 SC
- 300 SE
- 350 SC
- 360 SE
- CR/250 SE
- Ibiza 220 CC (21'9")
- Ibiza 240 CC

Recent Doral Boats Reviews

  • Doral - 220 CC: Doral 220 CC
    The Doral 220CC Is a great entry level boat. It handles good and runs great in the bay and in the ocean when it is calm.
    Reviewed by Mike on Aug-21-2009 | Rating:
    Doral - 360 SE: Boca Grande
    I purchased a Doral Boce Grande last year that was a left over, I had a few minor problems with it ,however it was used as a demo from the dealer so that was expected. After owning it for one year i find it to be a great boat that no other boat in its class can remotely compare to, Yes its a few thousand dollars more then other boats in its class but when you see the difference its well worth the money. When i had the issues with it the manufacture (Doral) stood behind the boat and in every means of assistance they were there to correct the problems including sending a tech from Canada to the US to my Marina making sure i had every single issue 100% corrected. My Boca has IOs and thats a help to me too cause of the shallow waters here in Long Island.I hope that this helps someone when looking for a boat in this class. Bruce
    Reviewed by Bruce on Feb-19-2009 | Rating:
    Doral - 190 CC: good boat for offshore
    i recently purchased a 190cc doral,ibiza the boat does remarkable offshore it cuts through waves like butter. the canadians did a hell of a job w/the design of this water craft. i would highly suggest getting one if you can find one!
    Reviewed by bobby on Aug-12-2008 | Rating:
    Doral - Ibiza 220 CC (21'9"): doral 220 cc
    great boat solid and nice fit and finish. quality all around.family friendly
    Reviewed by fred on Feb-24-2007 | Rating: