- 21 Open
- 23 Open
- 23 Tournament
- 25 Open
- 27 Open
- 31 Cuddy
- 31 Fish Around
- 31 Open
- 35 Side Console
- 36 Cuddy
- 36 Fish Around
- 36 Open

Recent Contender Boats Reviews

  • Contender Boats - 23 Open: 2003 23 CONTENDER OPEN
    Great boat. Fast, dry ride, tracks well, stable when trolling or a drifting. Has 250 hp yamaha and will reach speeds to 49 mph with low fuel and 2 people. Have no problem taking this boat offshore for wahoo, mahi mahi, or reef fish.
    Reviewed by WAYNE H. on Jun-06-2013 | Rating:
    Contender Boats - 35 Side Console: Contender 35
    Awesome family fishing cruising boat. Great protection from sun for apending the whole day out with family a d friends. on e if frw biats that offers this kind of comfort and is still fun and relatively fast on the water. Highly recommend it.
    Reviewed by Al on Mar-27-2013 | Rating:
    Contender Boats - 36 Fish Around: 2007 36 fisharound
    Great Look Great Ride Great MPG As well...........
    Reviewed by Richard Davenport on Jan-20-2010 | Rating:
    Contender Boats - 23 Open: Great 23
    Well built, light bullet proof design. Very dry also. 250 Yamaha four stroke pushes it around 47 wot and is very good on gas. Trailers great due to weight. If your willing to spend for a premium boat with a great reputation, this is one of the best all around 23's you will find.
    Reviewed by Paul Schmit on Nov-29-2009 | Rating:
    Contender Boats - 27 Open: contender
    My close friend has one, the fishabilities amazing but with twin 250s it rides like shit and porposes with all the weight in the back Contenders are amazing boats tho the Tournament series is superior
    Reviewed by Logen Connor on Nov-27-2008 | Rating: