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Recent Concorde Boats Reviews

  • Concorde - Concorde Express: Happy with my 27' Express
    Hi Tom, I enjoyed reading the review of your 27 Concorde. I am considering the same model and engine. Can you tell me what the cruise speed and fuel burn is at 3000 RPM? Top speed & RPM? How is the ride and rough water handling. Any suggestions on areas I should pay particular attention to when surveying prior to purchase? Any particular likes or dislikes you could share? Thanks in advance for your help. Paul pdkuhn0922@yahoo.com
    Reviewed by Paul Kuhn on Mar-12-2012 | Rating:
    Concorde - Concorde Sportfisherman (27'0"): Concorde 27' sitting 3 years
    I just bought a 27' Concorde yesterday(2/20/2010) and am planning to do a complete systems check. Any ideas or suggestions will be welcome as it has twin Chrysler 318 220hp engines which have not been cranked in over 3 years. It looks solid.
    Reviewed by Mike on Feb-21-2010 | Rating:
    Concorde - Concorde Sedan (35'0"): 35 ft Concorde Sedan Bridge
    35 ft Concorde Sedan Bridge I have a 1974 Concorde with Chrysler 440 engines. Solid built boat with a good ride even in 6 ft seas. In following sea conditions though it tends to wander. Cruises at 22 mph at 3000 rpm. It will do 30 mph at WOT. I don't want to know the fuel usage. Often cruise and 8 mph at 1600 rpm and enjoy the scenery and save a lot of gas. The exterior has a very classic look. I have upgraded most of the systems and the interiors have been completely redone so as not to look too dated. Interior is huge and I have not seen many newer boats of similar size that feel as roomy. Cockpit tends to leak water into the bilge when it rains. Boat seems to be holding together well for a 33 year old boat. Overall I truly enjoy the boat and I feel confident that it still has many years left of life left in it.
    Reviewed by Helmut Waldner on Aug-14-2007 | Rating:
    Concorde - Concorde Sedan (35'0"): 35' sedan bridge
    I currently own a 1972 Concorde. They are very well built and have an outstanding ride. With small block chevys she gets up on plane with very little bow rise or effort. I cruise at 3200 rpm at about 22 mph using about 30 gph. The interior apointments are very comfortable and well laid out for the user. The exterior of the boat is very traditional and timeless. If you are considering a concorde as your next boat I would highly recommend one. I have owned this one for 8 years and have no plans to sell her anytime soon
    Reviewed by Jim Davenport on Mar-17-2007 | Rating:
    Concorde - Concorde Express: Happy with my 27' Express
    I had an old Trojan Sea Voyager that had twin engines and a full cabin with a fly bridge. The keel gave up on me as it could not take the pounding of the Chesapeake Bay any more. So I put it on land and was distraght as to what I would do now. The local fire department had a 27' Concorde on the side of the fire house that had been donated by a doctor that could not use it any more and one day at the hardware store I asked my nephew, a fireman, what they wanted for the Concorde. He said make me an offer, which I did.The result was buying the Concord for $800.00. Since I purchased it in June I have done about $3,500.00 work on it and cleaned it up. It has a single 7.4L Crusader 350 in it.In the use I have made of it so far I could't be happier.The Concorde rides well and the speed is great. The appointments and lay out work very well for me. The only draw back is using the single engine to back into the slip. It has a fairly big rudder on it but with the torque of the single engine it will only back straight or to port. Backing to starboard is impossible. I hope it will keep me satisfied this fall in the rock season. That will be the test for it.
    Reviewed by Tom Hogge on Oct-03-2006 | Rating: