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  • - : Best 27 Footer On The Market
    We just bought a used 27 conch from a guy in fort pierce. We have been eyeing this boat for many years. We fish the kingfish circuits, sailfish tourneys, sword tourneys, etc and we love to load teh boat with live bait. This boat cuts up the rough surf, and makes for a smooth day. The fishing features are everything we could as for. If you can find one used, good for you. .they are quite pricey new.
    Reviewed by Chandler Jones on Nov-26-2006 | Rating:
    - : In My Dreams
    This boat is exactly what I'm looking for.. the conch 27 has been a favorite of mine but too small. After seeing one of these on a trail being transported, i have to have one. I'll post again next year when i soak her a few times.
    Reviewed by Alex Rod on Jun-29-2006 | Rating:
    - : Best 30 Footer
    A good friend of mine that fishes fishing tournaments took one of the first of these made. All I can say is that is boat is superior and beats all boats in its class. Very dry, fast, and extremely fishable. The builders have thought of just about everything in this boat... The hard t-top instead of canvas is a nice touch also.
    Reviewed by Robert Samson on May-23-2006 | Rating:
    - : The best fishing boat
    I don't persoanlly own one, but my friend has one and you can't beat it for the hard core fisherman.. 200 gal of live well space for dumping the cast net full or pilchards and bait with no problems... the boat cuts up 3-5 foot chop no problem and drifts very nice...

    We have it powered with just one engine, but woudl prefer 2.
    Reviewed by Ian Zander on May-17-2006 | Rating: