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  • Competition - 25: Perfect Florida and Islands Boat For Great Price
    The 25 and 31 are serious bargains to be had without sacraficing any quality or missing out on the more expensive boats such as seavee. The fit and finish is awesome. I was looking at other popular boats for this price range and the 2 piece hull wasn't going to cut it. You feel like you are going to fall out in any chop and you can forget about fighting a fish from the bow in a 2 piece hull. With the comp you get a true 3 piece hull and the padding is a great option.

    I also like the smaller console than most other boats. Some say the boat doesn't have enough storage, but a coffin box up front takes care of that while also acting as a good seat or spot for the girls to lay out.

    Just like most high end boats the leaning post, t-top, etc are made by other companies..So you get all these great options such as the leaning post livewell which comes in handy for those days when you want to live bait chum. You will have about 80 gallon of livewell I believe...

    Overall I am giving this boat 5 stars because of the price. I recommend you put a single engine on this boat. If you need twins, than go up to the 31. A single 300 on this 25 is the ticket and with the reliablity of 4 strokes now a days, you can run the hell out of the boat with no worries.
    Reviewed by Ben on Dec-21-2010 | Rating:

    Competition - 25: Best 25 Footer Available
    I was lucky enough to find one used, but was very close to buying new. The ride is smooth and cuts up 2 to 4 chop like nothing. We have a single zuk 300 on it and get 3mpg easily at 3000 rpm. I would like to have twins, but have found this boat runs very well with the single and is not underpowered at all! Manny knows how to build a boat and I recommend you buy one while the price is still right. This boat company is on its way up and as long as they continue to pump out a quality product with great support, I expect competition boats to be seen all over florida and soon into other states!
    Reviewed by Jack J. on Sep-03-2008 | Rating: