- 185 LE
- 1930 SS
- 200 LE
- 210 Sunesta
- 2135 SS
- 233 Sunesta
- 2330 SS
- 240 Signature
- 252 Sunesta

Recent Chaparral Boats Reviews

  • Chaparral - 1930 SS: The boat is great
    This is a great boat, but like all boats must be maintained. Because your boat was poorly maintained does not mean that it is the fault of the boat. This boat is a gem. Very stable runs smooth, rock solid in almost any type of weather. Just pure fun. Your problem with the I/O is not a Chaparral problem but a mercruiser problem, and they are used in many boats. I have also owner 4 Winns, Chrysler, and other boats in my 50+ years and I love the Chaparral with the wide beam. Beautiful boats.
    Reviewed by Stargazer on Jul-31-2011 | Rating:
    Chaparral - 2330 SS: Great Boat
    I've had this boat since new in 1998. Absolutely NOTHING has broken, cracked or quit on the hull or fittings. Absolutely happy with this boat and all the good times my family and I have enjoyed in it.
    Reviewed by Bob on Mar-22-2011 | Rating:
    Chaparral - 252 Sunesta: Mr
    Chaparal Signature series are probably the best boat for cruising I have ever owned. Impeccable attention to detail. Far better than any Sea Ray on the market.
    Reviewed by Scott Wilson on May-16-2008 | Rating:
    Chaparral - 1930 SS: This Boat Is better as an anchor
    we bought this boat and were constantly having issues. The I/O has many problems and the boat was just poorly designed. We hate to buy a used boat, as the owner before us really didnt keep it up, but the way these things depreciate we'd be completely dumb to buy new.
    Reviewed by Jake on Mar-23-2008 | Rating:
    Chaparral - 2330 SS: Stuffy Stuff
    Great boat, love it.
    Reviewed by Hugh G. Wreckshon on Apr-01-2007 | Rating: