Changing Lower Unit Oil and Impeller on Outboard Engine

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Some of the most important maintenance to your outboard engine should include a routine lower unit maintenance plan.  This includes changing out the oil and impeller as needed.

The lower unit lube or oil should be replaced as it is important to have clean oil. 

The impeller works to pump water throughout the engine to keep it cool.  If you ever notice your engine is not pumping out water, you are advised to shut down the engine immediately and investigate.  Usually something such as seaweed may have got caught where water is sucked through.  Simply clear the clog and start the engine again.

If your impeller is in good shape is does not necessarily need to be swapped out.  So take a look at the condition of your impeller before going the extra mile to swap it out with a brand new one.

There are several mechanics that specialize in this sort of maintenance, but this is an area that you could benefit from by knowing how to do it yourself.  Pickup the outboard repair manual on your specific engine and go to the maintenance section.

A well maintained outboard engine allows for more time on the water.