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How To Choose A Cast Net

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A cast net is a great fishing tool to capture bait and other fish with one quick toss of the net.  Most anglers use a cast net or sabiki rigs to catch bait before heading out for the target fish.  Fishing with live bait is extremely effective and catching the live bait just before fishing ensures a good day.

The net you choose should be based on several factors that include the following:


Some nets are weighted heavier than others and designed to sink faster.  When throwing a cast net in deeper waters, you will want a net that sinks rather fast.  This helps when you bait is on the surface or down on the bottom.

If you are working the shallows than a heavy net is not necessary and you can go with a lighter net.  Working a lighter net allows you to throw it many times without getting as tired.

Mesh Size:

The mesh size is very important and will depend on what species of bait fish you are going for.  If you are targeting a big baitfish such as a mullet, than you will want to have bigger mesh.  However if you are going for a small baitfish such as cigar minnows, than your mesh should be very small to avoid losing or gilling the baitfish.

Size Of Net:

The size of the net usually ranges from 4ft to 12 feet.  Professional charter captains usually prefer ten feet plus nets.  However in some areas, there are strict laws prohibiting the use of nets over 6 feet.   A 10 foot cast net could be exactly what you are looking for in open water, however a small net should be used in tighter spots to avoid tangling with mangroves, pilings, etc.

We recommend you shop around and get a feel for what nets suite your purposes.  Brand names such as Calusa and Betts are fantastic nets and will last you a long time as long as you care for them.

After saltwater use, you should always rinse your net in freshwater.

Tampa Bay Flats Fishing Charters

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

With Florida being the fishing capital of the world it stands to reason that the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton and Sarasota areas would offer incredible inshore fishing action. Because its home to over 200 different species, anglers travel to Tampa Bay from around the world eager to take advantage of our unsurpassed Tampa fishing charters. Besides the relaxing aspects of a day on the water and the opportunity to commune with nature, fishing always presents an enjoyable challenge.

As one of the great activities of all time, people throughout history have benefited not just as a source of food but one of unparalleled family pastimes. It doesn’t take much time, money or expertise to enjoy your first fishing trip, and once your “hooked” there are plenty of resources to help you develop your angling skills.

While the world famous Silver King/Tarpon is a mainstay of our summertime angling activities. Tampa

Replacing a Fishing Rod Guide

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Rods over time can take a beating, but the first part of the rod that can show wear and tear are the rod guides.  The guides are what bring the line onto the rod and then onto the reel and vice versa.

There are a few different ways to replace a broken guide, but the easiest is to pick up a rod guide replacement kit that comes with several size rod guides, glue, and the accessories needed to slip a new guide back into place.

Wrapping thread around the guide and then using epoxy is a great quick fix and will usually hold up.

If you have a big game fishing rod and want the guide replaced right, we suggest you go to a rod builder or tackle shop and have the guide wrapped properly onto the rod.

Check the internet for discounted rod guides and event try going to the exact manufacturer if you take pride in your equipment.

Alutecnos Fishing Reels Product Service

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

It is always interesting to see what level of service companies put you on and how they treat each individual person. All I can say is Alutecnos is hands down top notch customer service and I just thought I would let you guys know. I fish my equipment hard and two years ago my Alutecnos fighting belt broke. Within a week they sent me a new plate in the mail so I could fix the belt, I was impressed. Partly because of that experience I recently purchased three 130’s used over the internet. During that fight with the bigger fish the other night I noticed the drag was a little sticky to pull the initial drag. I had not had the reels looked at or maintained since purchasing them used, and was a little worried I got abused on the internet. Being a little concerned I contacted Alutecnos customer service, Franco Zanetti who put me in touch with this cool azz dude Eros who runs the operation over here. Eros had me come down to Miami and personally sat there and took apart and cleaned the reel in fronts of me showing me step by step how to do it, and then sat there and took the time just to make sure I understood. All I have to say is wow, they have an unbelievable fishing reel……Italian machinery at its finest, the reels drag now is butter I was extremely impressed with all of their equipment but most of all, their customer service. Thanks Franco and Eros These guys are stand up characters.

If anybody is interested in stepping up anytime soon, do yourself a favor and check out these reels. I don

Trolling For Mahi Mahi Dolphin

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Dolphin, Dorado, or Mahi Mahi are known to bust baits on the surface when trolling.  Artificial lures such as

Flounder Fish Facts

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Flounder are an excellent fish to bring home for dinner as they provide a great taste and are very healthy.  Catching flounder and fluke are not as easy as it is said, but with a little experience you can put these dinner delights in your cooler.

Flounder are known as the flatfish of the ocean and can be found all over the United States but primarily on the East Coast.  Flounder are also fished for in Europe, Canada, and throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Fishing and cooking
Flounder fishing is best in spring and autumn. Flounder may be caught in summer, but the meat will be soft and unpleasant for eating. Flounder will bite at almost anything used for fish bait, including any kind of tackle. Use a small hook; No. 8 being the recommended size. Flounder are an excellent pan fish, but they should be cooked as soon as possible after being caught

Flounder tramping
The Grande Internationale World Flounder tramping Championships take place at Palnackie, Scotland, usually in the last week of July or first week in August each year. Competitors brave the mud flats of the estuary of the Urr Water in sun or rain to try and catch the heaviest fish, or the largest catch, or even the smallest fish for prize money and a trophy. Fish are caught by walking across the mud and trapping them below the competitors foot. Leisters, which are traditional 3 pronged spears, are no longer permitted to aid capture.

World stocks of large predatory fish and large ground fish such as sole and flounder were estimated in 2003 to be only about 10% of pre-industrial levels, largely due to overfishing.

Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Big Game Fishing Lures Guide

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A basic Guide to Buying Big Game Lures

There is something magical about a big game lure that works, old and trusty- that one lure that always seems to produce a fish when others can not buy a bite. Even the prospect of someone else showing you his most favorite lure can be exciting. On some days there seems to be no rhyme or reason why one lure is crushed time and time again on a fishing trip, the skirts are shredded, the head is chipped and broken and the hooks are all bent out of whack- but it still gets the hit!

So what is important when it comes to big game lures? Color? Size? Shape? How it is rigged? Where it is in the spread? Speed? Leader choice? Action? Weight & Balance? Texture? Workmanship? Cost?

The answer is that they are all important and should all be considered when buying and running a lure. With the high costs today of owning a boat and going out fishing it makes sense to do everything possible to increase the success rate once its time to drag some lures. The most common 2 criteria most anglers consider when buying a new lure are Color and Cost. Color invariably is the first consideration, what with the veritable rainbow of choices hanging on the wall of the tackle store it

How To Keep Your Catch Fresh

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Before heading out fishing you should always pack your cooler with sufficient amount of ice that will cover a good days fishing.  Never plan for a bad day of fishing with your ice.  Ice is a key tool and without enough of it, you may have to stop your trip short.

Anglers that are heading out offshore for dolphin (mahi-mahi or dorado) can expect a good day to involve a large school and fishing frenzy with multiple catches.  With over 20 fish in the cooler you want to be sure each fish is receiving proper amount of icing.

Certain fish such as tuna will be best if bled and gutted.  Once gutted you can fill the belly with ice and then place the entire fish in your fishbox or cooler.  Same goes for your snapper, grouper, and many other quality eating fish.

When choosing your ice you will have the option of crushed or block ice.  Each type of ice has advantages and disadvantages.    However block ice tends to last much longer and keeps your catch nice a cold in a closed cooler.

If you have a fish such as a large mako shark or large swordfish that won

Bahamas Wahoo Challenge Fishing Tournament

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

The Bahamas Wahoo Challenge is set for November 2, 2006.  Boats from all over will be chasing wahoo off the islands of Bimini and other nearby Bahamas islands.

Most boats will be high speed trolling for the wahoo, while others prefer to slow troll live bait. 

So far there are over 30 boats entered in the tournament and they expect many more.  There will be many prizes including heavy Calcutta

Buying A Used Fishing Boat

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

When choosing to buy a boat, you will find a great used market that will allow you save thousands of dollars over buying new.  The original buyer bites most of the initial depreciation, therefore making your purchase a good buy.

There are several types of fishing boats to consider such as center consoles, bow riders, cabin cruisers, express models, and much more.  We suggest riding on all types of these boats while considering your family, friends, and mates that will be fishing with you.

If you are spending less than ten thousand dollars on your boat, then a survey may not be necessary.  However we do recommend you hire a professional that can check the boat for cracks, punctures, wiring issues, etc. that you may not notice.  We also recommend you get a mechanic to check the engine out and make sure it is as stated by the seller.

When making the final purchase you will want to process a bill of sale in exchange for funds.  Make sure to get the title for the boat and trailer as they have different trailers.  Most of the time the engine does not come with documentation unless it is a newer boat and the owner held onto it.

Enjoy your new boat.