- 176 Bow Rider
- 176 Fish & Ski
- 188 Bow Rider
- 188 Fish & Ski
- 209 Bow Rider
- 230 Center Console
- 233 Walk Around
- 280 Center Console
- Interceptor 212 Bow Rider
- Interceptor 212 Fish & Ski
- Interceptor 232 Bow Rider
- Interceptor 232 Sport Cabin

Recent Caravelle Boats Reviews

  • Caravelle - 176 Fish & Ski: '04 Caravelle 176 Bowrider
    I really like my Caravelle 178. It is the perfect size for what i use it for and does everything i would like it to do at a very satisfactory rate. It has a substantial amount of power for the size of the boat. It works great for tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, whatever. But it is still great for just fishing or a day of cruising out on the lake. It is pretty low maintenance and fairly easy to work on. I have never had any problems with the engine or the outdrive, electrical, or power-steering/hydraulic systems. I really love my Caravelle and it ages well. The boat looks alot better than other boats i have seen that are the same age/year, but that could also have alot to do with how i take care of it. Overall, i would say that its the perfect boat for me and what i like to do out on the water.
    Reviewed by Ryan Dansie on Oct-06-2012 | Rating:
    Caravelle - 233 Walk Around: 230 WA Outboard
    Great boat that cuts the water w/ 24 Deadrise. Could use a little more power than the 225 4/S. Lots of room to fish.
    Reviewed by Mike on Jan-30-2008 | Rating: