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  • Californian - Californian Convertible (34'6"): 35' 1986 Californian Convertible
    I have a 1986 35' Californian convertible that I have owned for 5 years. It has proven to be an excellent boat in every respect. It is extremely well built and seaworthy. I was recently hit by another boat who was docking next to me and suffered some minor but annoying damage. I am looking for anyone who can give me some information on the color of my hull. It was manufactured by Wellcraft in 1985 and commissioned in 86. I have contacted Wellcraft but they do not have any information on the color even when I provided them with the hull identification number. The color is an off-white and has proven very hard to match. Help!!John Smith@ jjsmith@webjogger.net
    Reviewed by John Smith on Jul-26-2009 | Rating: