Buying A Used Fishing Boat

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

When choosing to buy a boat, you will find a great used market that will allow you save thousands of dollars over buying new.  The original buyer bites most of the initial depreciation, therefore making your purchase a good buy.

There are several types of fishing boats to consider such as center consoles, bow riders, cabin cruisers, express models, and much more.  We suggest riding on all types of these boats while considering your family, friends, and mates that will be fishing with you.

If you are spending less than ten thousand dollars on your boat, then a survey may not be necessary.  However we do recommend you hire a professional that can check the boat for cracks, punctures, wiring issues, etc. that you may not notice.  We also recommend you get a mechanic to check the engine out and make sure it is as stated by the seller.

When making the final purchase you will want to process a bill of sale in exchange for funds.  Make sure to get the title for the boat and trailer as they have different trailers.  Most of the time the engine does not come with documentation unless it is a newer boat and the owner held onto it.

Enjoy your new boat.