Bridgeport Reservoir Fly Fishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

July 10, 2006

Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters.  Best fishes to all for this July moon fish report from the Eastern High Sierra.

Fly fishing conditions have improved greatly in many areas since our prior report and although the freestone creeks and tailwaters are currently flowing above average, they are beginning to recede in flows and greatly improve in clarity.  The only exceptions you may experience with regards to the water conditions are the effects of moderate to severe T-storms that can rapidly influence flows and clarity on the moving waters.  The peak of the run-off has occurred and you can anticipate some excellent water conditions the remainder of the summer and fantastic conditions this fall.

Mosquitoes are going to be an issue in most areas this summer.  Make sure your repellants and sunscreens are not outdated.  I recently saw an unfortunate individual who looked like he had caught on fire and was put out with track shoes due to the lack of good insect repellant!

Crowley Lake: Very good

The trout are beginning to concentrate and stack up in big numbers near the inlets.  The algae and floating grass situation is still a major factor but is improving daily.

The lake level is as full as you will ever see it and this is attributing to the overall water conditions.  Judging by what is going on currently and the overall poor water conditions at times due to the algae, you can bank on some EPIC days in the near future here especially in McGee Bay and Little Hilton.  The north arm is also showing signs of coming on.  You must fish the river channel or find a large hole in the weeds and grass.  Water clarity is very good in the north arm of the lake and the damsel fly nymph migration and callibaetis mayfly emergence is huge right now.

The kick to McGee from a tube is insane at this time; I suggest you get a rental boat at the Fish Camp or a guide with a big white custom