Here you can review the 17' Montauk boat. View the specifications on the boat including size, beam, draft, fuel capacity, and weight. Read real opinions and reviews from other 17' Montauk owners.

LOA Beam Draft Fuel Capacity Weight Maximum HP
16'7" 6'2" 9"

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Number of Reviews: 10
Average Rating: 3.2

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 01, 2014 by Jack Vale from PA

Awesome boat!

This is the best boat avail

Rating -
Reviewed on Jun 19, 2013 by Patrick from Westport CT

Awesome quality - Proven Classic

I have a 1999 Whaler Montauk w a 90HP Yamaha engine. Based out of Saugatuck River in Westport CT and use boat around Long Island Sound between CT and NY shoreline. Its capable, solid, safe and efficient. Bigger than 2ft waves make for rough ride, but that's expected from this size boat. 90HP are plenty of power to get into low 40mph range on flat day. Boat is best in skinny water around rocks of shoals and islands, and when taking the family to favorite sandbar for picnic. As long as no one is sitting in bow area, you can tackle 3-4 ft chop if you must with confidence, but you better be prepared for some hard bangs. But she will never quit and get you home. Awesome boat w/ great resale value.

Rating -
Reviewed on Apr 12, 2013 by merlot from California

The best all around

I don't see any other 17' boat can compare to the montauk. At around 1600 lbs with outboard and accessories on it, I can tow it with my 1998 nissan Maxima with ease. Cruise all day with $25.00 gas. I have a Yamaha T50 4 stroke and it's the beast. I can't go faster 25 mph even though the outboard can handle it but it too fast for me. 15 mph is the best for this boat. Why do you want to go fast? I don't know, this boat doesn't built to go fast but to build for your safety. I have the 1985 model and after almost 30 years of weekly fishing, the boat is still last another 30 years if you take care of it. I do repaint once a year to make it looks good and keep the outboard the best shape. That's why it's expensive and hard to find.

Rating -
Reviewed on Jul 15, 2012 by Michael from Seattle, Washington

1985 Montauk

purchased a new 17' Montauk back in 1985, loved the boat, had it in both fresh and salt water always felt safe. best fishing boat i've ever owned (and i've owned lots of boats including a 65' Ocean). Just purchased a new 22' boston whaler outrage, gave my Montauk to my best friend and his family knowing full well they will love the boat as safety is there issue. people can talk all they want, and everybody should be happy and proud of there boat but I will tell you nothing stacks up to a Boston Whaler, period.

Rating -
Reviewed on May 24, 2011 by Steve from NJ

1996 Montauk 17

Built rawhide tough - a water jeep if there was ever a title. Rough ride yes - water spray yes. Take on 3-5 foot seas coming back home to cape may after chasing tuna 15-20 miles offshore - yes. Looks like a million $$$ - Oh Yeah. Have a 90hp Ocean Runner Johnson that has a good 30mph cruise and pull 45mph in flat water if you feel the need. Couple of Penn internationals and 5.5ft tuna sticks turns this platform into a fish slaying machine. Cheers

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 09, 2011 by t f from west florida

tough boat

We all know people that speak about their favorite boat. It's usualy a small whaler that thier grandfather owned.I've owned a Bayliner,Sea ray,and Grady white and know how hard it is to justify the cost of a boat ownership. Most of the boats have been expensive to maintain. I just bought A 17 montauk and couldnt be more pleased. It is an expensive boat for no bells and whistles,but it was the bells and whistles that were so expensive on my other boats. This boat runs geat with the 90 4 stroke mercury and will travel all day long on $25.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 11, 2009 by Casey Marie from Boston

Whaler One

tough as nails. these boats can handle much more then the operator can. On one trip i got caught in 5 foot seas and it handled it much better then my 21 foot wellcraft. the boat will pound over waves if you are going fast, but if you just slow down the pounding stops. prob one of the best all around boats of all time.

Rating -
Reviewed on Jun 25, 2009 by Davis from MA

Watch Your Teeth

This boat will pound, but is very stable and safe.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 24, 2006 by Tom from Miami

Solid Boat

This boat is overpriced and doesnt have enough room.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 08, 2006 by Kathy Sand from New Jersey

Expensive, But Good Boat

We bought this boat as a lake boat in Erie. Got it used 2004. Very expensive but some friends had the same one and the quality was hard to beat. Very stable, fast, and easy to clean and maintain. Bangs a bit when going real fast, but still a great ride.

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