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  • Bluewater Fishing - 2150: best 21 ft boat
    worlds biggest 21ft boat.i run in 5 ft seas like nothing
    Reviewed by jake on Feb-17-2009 | Rating:
    Bluewater Fishing - 2150: Love it, Priced Right
    Well, I haven't purchased one yet, but this is the 21 footer you want to have. Although it is a 2 piece construction, it packs a lot of punch for the hardcore offshore fisherman. I am probably going to purchase a new one, since you dont see many used on the market and I want to put a bigger engine that most would, either 225 or 250 4 stroke or etec. I talked to Paul at the factory and he said this has been done. If I was going to go with a 25 or bigger, i'd probably consider a contender, but hate to pay for the name... same reason i dont wear name brand clothes :)
    Reviewed by Heath on Apr-26-2008 | Rating:
    Bluewater Fishing - 2550: One of the best 25 footers
    We live in florida in the winters and this boat has been great. It rides great with a steep deadrise and also is efficient. For a 2 piece hull you cant find a better boat. The console has room for a head for the wife and kids...

    I highly recommend the tower on the ttop for friends to go enjoy the view while running
    Reviewed by Mark Bienman on Apr-05-2008 | Rating:

    Bluewater Fishing - 2150: Such a Big 21 Indeed
    The 2150 really impressed me fishing aboard it with some friends. We have done several offshore trips in moderate seas and it is always a cushion when hitting the waves. We had 4 people on it one night of fishing and were out there fighting a 250lb swordfish for 4 hours. Did not feal over crowded one bit and the boat handled great. I think this model needs to have coaming pads throughout the boat and a crows nest up top is a greta addition for those days of running for dolphin, you can send someone up top. I'm considering this boat or the 23 for myself in the future cased on my personal experiences.
    Reviewed by Michael Grimm on Oct-18-2007 | Rating:
    Bluewater Fishing - 2150: Best 21 Footer
    This has got to be the best 21 footer on the market... it blows away my buddies 23 footer of the competition brand.. no names :) I wish i could put a 4 stroke on it, but the factory says it is best with a 2 stroke yamy or etec.
    Reviewed by Mark on Oct-03-2007 | Rating: