Big Game Fishing Lures Guide

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A basic Guide to Buying Big Game Lures

There is something magical about a big game lure that works, old and trusty- that one lure that always seems to produce a fish when others can not buy a bite. Even the prospect of someone else showing you his most favorite lure can be exciting. On some days there seems to be no rhyme or reason why one lure is crushed time and time again on a fishing trip, the skirts are shredded, the head is chipped and broken and the hooks are all bent out of whack- but it still gets the hit!

So what is important when it comes to big game lures? Color? Size? Shape? How it is rigged? Where it is in the spread? Speed? Leader choice? Action? Weight & Balance? Texture? Workmanship? Cost?

The answer is that they are all important and should all be considered when buying and running a lure. With the high costs today of owning a boat and going out fishing it makes sense to do everything possible to increase the success rate once its time to drag some lures. The most common 2 criteria most anglers consider when buying a new lure are Color and Cost. Color invariably is the first consideration, what with the veritable rainbow of choices hanging on the wall of the tackle store it