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Recent Aquasport Boats Reviews

  • Aquasport - 175 Osprey: Love my Osprey
    I have a "04" 175 with a Yamaha 90 that I bought a few years ago. I downsized from a 22' Angler and couldn't be happier. This boat does everything I ask of it with half the expense and effort of a bigger boat without missing the extra footage. Every time I take it out I am amazed at how well it handles. Three foot seas are no problem, not the most fun or dry but no problem. Any bigger than that and I would not want to be out there even in a bigger boat. Love my "LITTLE BOAT"
    Reviewed by Dave Williams on Mar-08-2014 | Rating:
    Aquasport - 205 Osprey: 2004 Aquasport 205 osprey
    owned boat for 5 years now and only good things to say, powered by a Yamaha V6 150 2-stroke top speed 42 MPH at 4500 RPM, full tank of fuel will easily last 3-4 days. dry boat on light to moderate chop, easy to trim. lots of storage space in the bow and fish boxes. comfortable with 4 people but can easly carry 6-8. closed transon a plus with large dive platform, bigger than on most boats even larger. high gunnals are a plus for kids.
    Reviewed by Louis on Apr-18-2012 | Rating:
    Aquasport - 175 Osprey: Great Boat
    I found my 1980's 175 aquasport while working in Qatar. The owner made some changes to the console place. I bought her with a good price, moved the console to its original place & restore her as new with the help of an aquasport lovers group, and started to enjoy a great boat. I had a 115hp yamaha on her. Still can't imagine that I had to sell that wonderful boat before returning back to Egypt.
    Reviewed by Hesham Bahi on Jun-08-2011 | Rating:
    Aquasport - 175 Osprey: Tarp vs. Boat Cover
    Hi all, Need advice on a trailerable boat cover. I know, I know, don't tow the boat with a cover on it. Well, last week I went to the lake with my brand spankin' new F/W Horizon. I asked the dealer if I should tow with the canvas on or off. He says F/W recommends towing without the coevrs installed. So I did. Got to the lake OK, just had to gather the carpet and reinstall it from the pile in the back of the boat. The way home was another story! Got home to find carpet all over the place, sunpad/couch had come unstowed. And bimini top that was laid on the floor had departed the fix altogether! So lucky(?) for me, the dealer sold me another bimini at his cost, and gave me one from another boat so I don't have to wait the two-three weeks for F/W to make one!! I see guys all the time towing with mooring covers attached. On my old boat I tried it. Marred the sides of the boat with the plastic hooks, and tore the cover to shreds. Any recommendations? (No, can't fit the bimini in the truck and it won't stow attached to the gunn'l hardware) F/W really needs to make storage for the top in the engine comp't like Chaparral does!! I looked online and found this with 20% off http://boatcovers.bestdealsoffer.com. Well, OK, I CAN fit the bimini in the truck, but then I can't fit the WIFE in the truck.... More nuts Valanti?
    Reviewed by Jennyh162 on May-25-2011 | Rating:
    Aquasport - 175 Osprey: aqua sport 175
    Very strong boat built for the fisherman with lots of features. Made to get you out to the ocean and get you back safe. Went to the Bahamas from Hanover Inlet. My 175 faired just fine.
    Reviewed by spence on Jun-24-2010 | Rating: