Alutecnos Fishing Reels Product Service

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

It is always interesting to see what level of service companies put you on and how they treat each individual person. All I can say is Alutecnos is hands down top notch customer service and I just thought I would let you guys know. I fish my equipment hard and two years ago my Alutecnos fighting belt broke. Within a week they sent me a new plate in the mail so I could fix the belt, I was impressed. Partly because of that experience I recently purchased three 130’s used over the internet. During that fight with the bigger fish the other night I noticed the drag was a little sticky to pull the initial drag. I had not had the reels looked at or maintained since purchasing them used, and was a little worried I got abused on the internet. Being a little concerned I contacted Alutecnos customer service, Franco Zanetti who put me in touch with this cool azz dude Eros who runs the operation over here. Eros had me come down to Miami and personally sat there and took apart and cleaned the reel in fronts of me showing me step by step how to do it, and then sat there and took the time just to make sure I understood. All I have to say is wow, they have an unbelievable fishing reel……Italian machinery at its finest, the reels drag now is butter I was extremely impressed with all of their equipment but most of all, their customer service. Thanks Franco and Eros These guys are stand up characters.

If anybody is interested in stepping up anytime soon, do yourself a favor and check out these reels. I don