- Allmand Flybridge Sedan
- Allmand Freedom Express (25'9")
- Allmand Freedom Express (25'9")
- Allmand Freedom Flying Bridge
- Allmand Ranger F.B. Express
- Allmand Ranger Sportfisherman (28'0")

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  • Allmand - Allmand Freedom Flying Bridge: 26' Allmand FB Cruiser
    I've owned the Allmand for 28 years. Its been the most troublefree boat I've ever owned. The single V-8 (351 Pleasurecraft, 290 HP) moves the boat at 15-28 MPH cruise with a top speed of 34 MPH. Fuel consumption is 2.5 MPG at cruise( ~ 3200 RPM). The Allmand is stable at rest and speed. When seas get high (3-6'), you have to pull back on the throttle, and life is good. The build quality is comparable to the 26 Bertram, but the V-bottom is only 13 degree deadrise at the transom. Therefore, it won't take the large seas as fast as the Bertram. However, it only requires a single engine to perform as well. Great boat! Flush cockpit, FB for three, stable, good speed and gas mileage, roomy cabin for two, and good build quality.
    Reviewed by Pat on Dec-04-2006 | Rating: