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Recent Albin Boats Reviews

  • Albin - Albin Aft Cabin Cruiser (25'0"): albin 25' aft cabin cruiser
    Excellent, seaworthy compact cruiser. Corrections: beam 8.5', wt 7,750 lb. Economical. Mine is fitted with 28HP Diesel Beta Marine, getting 3/4 gallons/hr @ 5.5K cruising. Top 7.5K. This little gem fits in all the necessities of my previous 34'cruiser, with twice the economy, and handles like a sports car in comparison. I have added a 30 gallon fuel tank below deck, to the starboard side of the engine. This should comfortably stretch the cruising range between here and alaska.
    Reviewed by jack R Titus on Oct-01-2008 | Rating:
    Albin - Albin Sportfisher: Albin Sportfisher
    Economical with a single Cat..solid construction and good design. Interior is well done using moderate fabrics. Lots of storage and a great cockpit area. Bridge is just a few steps up which I absolutely love. The full skegged keel is a plus, it handles a head or quartering sea admirably. Can be a handfull in a following sea and tends to wallow when the keel catches one from the stern. Overall this is a great boat, easy to maintain and solidly built. Bow thruster maked docking simplified. I have a 1992 model and have enjoyed.
    Reviewed by Bill on Jun-30-2006 | Rating: